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Organize Your Space and StuffWow! It has been such a crazy, busy year so far. And it is only February 7th. Now, with four stories published and this book, I’m feeling incredibly accomplished. All the work that kept me up late nights last year is paying off in the form of these five eBooks published to Amazon.

As you may have noticed, many articles disappeared from this blog over the weekend. Why? Because they were updated and then placed into this eBook.

Last year I had this brilliant idea that I needed to delete some stuff from the blog. Click To Tweet

They were old and not completely up to date. But I had readers who kept emailing me regarding some of the articles I felt needed to be let go. They had questions; wanted more help in applying methods.

So I decided to write an eBook.

I needed to elaborate on some things in the articles, and let people know about what was still working for me and what wasn’t.

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So many changes have been made since the early days of this blog.

This eBook:

  • Edits and expands on each article taken from the blog.
  • Provides an update, letting people know what has changed over the years, and giving even more tips for each article.
  • Provides action steps for you to follow, if you choose, to create a business that is organized and runs smoothly.
  • Gives you a bonus section with creative projects for your enjoyment. Some for fun, others that will put a new twist on some aspect of your business.

Organize Your Space and Stuff took months to complete, and will be a real treat for you. I know you’ll enjoy the read, and take plenty away from it that will help you with your business.

Is Organize Your Space and Stuff only for freelance writers?

Many other home and small business owners would get a lot out of this eBook.

Is the eBook available for KindleUnlimited?

Yes, it is free to read for anyone subscribing to the service.

How much will I have to pay if I want to buy the eBook?

The eBook is going for $9.99. With edited articles, updates, action steps, and a bonus section, the price is reasonable. There are 103 pages in the eBook.

What you can do now:

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As always, feel free to email me at if you prefer. I enjoy reading reader emails, and always reply.

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