Relieving Stress

Effects of stress on the body.

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Building a freelance career can be stressful. You may be working long hours, especially during the first year. You might have clients that are difficult to please. Perhaps you are working a ‘day job’ as well as building your career, or you are having difficulty training your family to allow you to concentrate on business related tasks. No matter what your situation, there will almost certainly be some source of stress.

A little stress is not necessarily bad for you, but too much may lead to other problems. For instance, an excessive amount of stress might lead to anxiety attacks and lack of sleep. These problems will likely lead to crankiness that those around you will notice and therefore be stressed out by. No one wants this.

There are also ways to relieve stress, or to avoid it whenever possible. For instance:

  • Set goals that you will be able to accomplish, not goals that will be extremely difficult to obtain. Or set mini goals as a ladder to accomplishing that one big goal. Set yourself up to succeed.
  • Forget about being perfect. It is not necessary to be 100% perfect at all times.
  • Keep a positive attitude.
  • Take breaks when you can.
  • Make ‘dates’ with friends and family to be sure that you are taking time off.
  • Spend some time alone each week… not working or doing anything else of a stressful nature.
  • Meditate for at least a few minutes each day.
  • Have in between time where people must let you be. When you work away from home, the time you spend walking or driving home after work is your transition time. This is important. Set aside 10 or 15 minutes after work is done to transition from work to daily life.
  • Turn on the music and dance. Let loose.

What techniques do you use in order to relieve or eliminate stress in your life?

One thing I did when the girls were still living at home was to have them leave me notes. If I was writing, they could not interrupt me for anything other than an absolute medical emergency. They were asked to please write me a note and leave it next to me on the desk – quietly. They did not need to tell me it was there. During my next natural break, I would read their notes and call them to me so we could talk about something, or I could give them permission to do something. Whatever was in their note(s).

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