Revisiting Batching Days

I first discussed batching days back in September, for International Batching Day. I had pretty lofty goals that day, and I met them. I was pretty darn proud of myself.

As per my goals for this year, I’m revisiting the idea of batching days. You see, I’ve decided to implement a new productivity technique and stick with it. I decided, since I did so well on the batching day last year, I’d use that technique. I already know what to do.

I did a number of different things on that batching day. I’ll do like things each time I implement this technique. For instance, I’ll write, edit, and schedule all the articles for this blog for a one-month period one day, then move on to a different blog another day.

If done right, I can get all my blogging done for a month in a week’s time. Not a bad deal. Then I can concentrate on marketing, answering emails from readers, and other important things.

To set myself up for each batching day, the evening before I’ll make a list of the most important things to get done. I’ll also take a few quick notes if there is anything important I want to put into specific articles, so I don’t forget.

How are you doing with your goals for the year? I’m getting a bit of a late start because I’ve been so sick. But I’m starting to feel better and I have more energy for what I want to get done.


About Shannon L. Buck

Hello. My name is Shannon, and I'm a single mother of two young adult daughters, and Memay to one precious Little Man. I work as a writer from my home in Orono, Maine, and as a Front Desk Agent at an inn. Writing is my life, second only to my daughters. I enjoy writing nonfiction, as well as fiction in a number of genres. At some point, I would like to travel. It would be a true writing adventure.