Save Money on Supplies for Your Business During the After Back-to-School Sales


This shows a walmart rollback/unbeatable price that is the lowest I’ve seen. It’s for folders and spiral notebooks. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


September is a great time of year for stocking up on the supplies that you need for your freelance business. Often, you will find deeply discounted items that you will need throughout the year. Stock up on enough to get you through to next September, and you will save much money on these necessary supplies, as well as others:


  • Planners: A weekly planner for the 2013 year can be purchased now, for under $10.00. I have seen them as low as $6.99 at this time of year.

  • Pens: Purchase these for under a dollar package. There is no need to be picky. A pen is a pen. I paid .87 a package for these this year.

  • Pencils: Another cheap commodity. I paid $1.00 a package for these at the Dollar Tree a couple months ago, but have seen them cheaper this month at Walmart.

  • Notebook: One subject notebooks, great for planning individual projects, are being sold at .17 a piece at Walmart. Staples has composition notebooks at .10 a piece.


You will find great deals on other necessary items, such as index cards and highlighters, as well.


Happy shopping! And enjoy the savings.


Be sure to keep your receipts for tax purposes.


Shannon L. Buck


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