Saving Money on Freelance Supplies

DSCN07077063I’m a frugal person most of the time, always looking for deals on items I need in my personal life and my writing life.

My top savings last fall were from three different places. These hardcover composition books were DSCN07137069DSCN06957051Photograph by Shannon L. Buck copyright 2015found at Wal-Mart for only .50 each. They will be perfect for planning projects. They didn’t have a regular price list, but I’m guessing they were at least a dollar.

I also found this 3-pack of erasable highlighters at K-Mart for only $1.50. These highlighters are usually $3.29 a pack, so it was a good savings. More than half off.

Then, while visiting my daughter Skye in Fort Kent, we took a shopping trip to Madawaska. In a thrift store, I found these: 4 pens and 5 highlighters. I paid only .10 each, and am still using them. I knew the pens were practically brand new. I guess the highlighters were as well.

I love finding a good deal on something I know I’ll use, and I stock up when I find those deals. This saves me quite a bit of money over time. I have a cubby for all the notebooks and journals I buy, and this tote is where I store all the extra pens and other supplies. Isn’t it lovely? My sister, Sheila, made this tote, and it holds a lot! She and Katie filled it with all manner of things for me. I am blessed.

Are you a deal finder? What deals have you found on supplies for your freelance business? Let us know, or email me at I always answer!

Shannon L. Buck

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Hello. My name is Shannon, and I'm a single mother of two young adult daughters, and Memay to one precious Little Man. I work as a writer from my home in Orono, Maine, and as a Front Desk Agent at an inn. Writing is my life, second only to my daughters. I enjoy writing nonfiction, as well as fiction in a number of genres. At some point, I would like to travel. It would be a true writing adventure.