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Marketing communications planning framework

Marketing communications planning framework (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

One of my goals for Year 4 is to learn more about marketing and promotion. As a writer, I prefer the act of writing. I do not generally even like to think about M or P. Seriously. The whole thing seems too much like work to me 😉

At any rate, I am learning. I am making the time to learn what I can about marketing and promoting, and I am trying to figure out how much time I will spend on these tasks. One the one hand, I do not want to take away too much time from the actual writing. On the other, I want to make sure my work gets recognized.

So, how am I going about this? I am scheduling time at least twice a month (at this point) for M and P. It has to be done if I expect to be successful. As I learn more about these tasks, I will likely increase these tasks.

Expect to see at least a few blog posts this year about how to market and promote your work and yourself.

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