Scheduling Time for Research

For the freelance writer, there will be plenty of research along the journey. It is expected. We can’t each know everything, after all. At some point, we are going to have to start researching new topics, new places.

Finding the time to do this research is not necessarily easy, and many writers don’t even want to bother, but it will be well worth it down the road.

There are several ways to schedule this time, a few of which are:

  1. If you are aware of what projects you will be working on over the course of a week or two, you can do all the research in one day. Keeping your notes organized, you will easily be able to pull out what you need for each project.
  2. Or, schedule an hour or two for research each morning. Write the articles later that day.
  3. Schedule one day a week just for research. If you get it done early, or don’t have any to do, then work on something else, such as updating your website. Or you could brainstorm future articles and do research for them when you are done with the regular research.

Some freelance writers instinctively follow schedules, so they will not need to mark their calendars. If you live by your calendar, be sure to pencil your research times in whenever possible.

For instance, if you prefer to do research on Mondays mark that day on your calendar each week. If you prefer to get the actual writing done during the first part of each week, pencil in Fridays to be prepared to write on Monday.

How do you schedule research time? Let us know in the comments, or email me at

My next post will have information about organizing the research information.

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