Set Three Goals for the Year. How will you keep them?

Photography by Shannon L. Buck copyright 2015If you haven’t decided on goals for the new year, now is the time to do so. Think about the things that are most important to you this year. What projects do you get excited about when you think of starting them?

Do you want to write a book, then publish it on Amazon or another outlet? Maybe you’d rather make a video to go with your cooking blog? Or a webinar for your coaching business? Perhaps you want to do all three? Perfect! This is the year to do things you’ll be proud of for your business.

Figure out where to start:

Choose a morning to relax, sip some tea, and brainstorm ideas for the goals you would like to meet this year and beyond. Write them down, so you don’t forget any of them. (I, for one, have CRS. I forget everything if I don’t write it down.)

Then highlight the three things you want most to accomplish this year. Click To Tweet

These three items will be your new goals. Have some fun with them, learn what you need to know in order to get them done, and work to complete each. Feel the satisfaction when you accomplish each goal, and reward yourself for a job well done.

Don't throw the list out. Simply check off each goal as it is completed. Click To Tweet

You’ll want to look at it again when you’ve finished with your first three goals. Add to the list any time you have a new idea, cross things off that you decide not to work on, and keep a steady stream of ideas going. When the first three goals have been met, choose three more. Keep going until you’ve met all your goals. Be aware that this may turn into a never-ending list, which is fine. It means you’ll always have a new project to look forward to.

What are my goals for this year?

  1. Get the #CampSeries published. (Fiction) (Three are published, another will be in a couple of days.)
  2. Get Organizing Your Space and Stuff published. (Nonfiction) (Will be done next week!)
  3. Start the eGuides series for this blog. (Nonfiction) (Expecting to start soon, but don’t expect to publish the first until the second half of the year.)
And, I already have two of the next set of three goals chosen: Click To Tweet

Editing old writings, and republishing old writings.

How about you? What goals did you choose to start with? Please share with us in the comments, or email me at I read and answer everything, and cherish the emails I get from readers.

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