Simple Rewards for Goals Met

Organize Your Space and StuffI’ve accomplished so much this year, from publishing The #CampSeries, to publishing an eBook for this blog called Organize Your Space and Stuff. A lot of hard work went into getting all these published. I’d mentioned that rewards for hard work are a good thing in an earlier article, and wanted to share with you how I’ve rewarded myself for getting things done.

I sometimes take my work to Aroma Joe’s, sitting there for a couple hours once every so often. During the summer months, I sit outside. The winter obviously finds me sitting inside, usually near a window. Last week, I allowed myself four days of vanilla bean tea and oatmeal. So good. And so much was accomplished while there.

I got in a little socialization each day, and stepped out from my daily surroundings for a bit. It is actually a real nice reward for me. Simple, I know. But good. I do other things as well. Last year, I bought myself a new outfit at one point. And cute little shoes at one point.

How do you reward yourself for important accomplishments? With little things or big things? A combination of both? A weekend away? An evening alone with a cherished movie, a drink, and box of chocolates? Do what feels right to you. Just do it. We all deserve good things, and a break after accomplishing something big never hurts. The happiness factor is as important as anything else.

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