Another Goal Met! Published Serenita

I don’t know what your goals for the year are, but mine include publishing the short stories I’ve written over the years. I have been working diligently on this, as well as my nonfiction goals. My new story is Serenita: Where do you go when you have to escape a Continue Reading

2014 Writing Goals

  While I did quite a bit to meet my goals in 2013, I did not reach them all. Does this bother me? Not at all. I usually schedule too much for me to finish anyway.   I will just carry some things over to 2014. Hopefully I can get Continue Reading

Freelancers Working for No Pay

While I generally believe that working for no pay is simply not the way to go, there are times when it can be helpful. I know, I know… freelancers who are starting out need all the income they can get. Why would they work for free? There are valid reasons Continue Reading

Update to How to Live the Freelance Life

You will notice that I have added a section in the secondary sidebar titled Recommended Stories by Sheila Buck and Katie Hamilton. These two women run the Creative Carthage blog here on WordPress. This small team of amazing women write stories together. There is currently one short story listed here, Continue Reading

What do You Sell?

Feel free to share appropriate items for sale in the comments for this post. Freelancers sell something, be it their services, the books or stories they write or other types of merchandise. Writing is a given for the freelance writer, sold in the form of articles, short stories or ebooks. Continue Reading

This Blog is Now Available for Kindle

Hello! Do you read blogs and other online content using Kindle? How to Live the Freelance Life is now available for subscription for Kindle through Amazon. The subscription is set at $1.99 per month, for about 3 updates per week, sometimes more. I am trying new things with the blog Continue Reading