Shannon L. Buck, Fiction Author

I managed to get the author blog done for my fiction writing, though I am still working on the one for my non fiction works. The satisfaction of finishing a blog and publishing it to the web is always great. This blog will document my progress as a fiction writer Continue Reading

Freelance Writers: Do You Have Other Goals?

I know. I know. Isn’t enough to just have freelance goals? Yes, it is. I am wondering if anyone else has other goals for their future as well. I do. Photography I love nature photography, and would like to build a career around this on top of my freelance writing. Continue Reading

Fiction Goals for Year 3

I hardly had any time during Year 2 of my freelance writing career to work on my fiction writings. I am not happy about this, but other things had to take precedence. I will be making sure that this changes during Year 3. Here are a few of my main Continue Reading