Are You Meeting Your Goals?

As I sit at my desk sipping chamomile tea, a Caribbean spice scented candle burning behind me, and the movie Wild Hogs playing in the background, I am wondering how many of you are meeting your goals for the year. Linda Formichelli is publishing her book How to Do It Continue Reading

Making Plans

  DJJ8NGU3T98P   I am currently working on plans for the site that will take effect in 2014. Part of those plans are ways in which I can get the word out about the site (marketing/promotion), including signing on with The reason for the code above. They need to Continue Reading

5 Ways to Grow Your Blog

  Growing your blog is easy, and really does not have to take large blocks of time. If you already have your ideas set to paper, in the form of titles and/or notes, you can get started right away.   How do you start?   By setting aside 30 minutes Continue Reading

What is the Freelance Life?

The freelance life is different for each freelancer. She may be a freelance writer, or a freelance photographer. She may choose to write for content sites, or for magazines. And perhaps she writes fiction as well. I am combining a number of things in my freelance career. From blogging to Continue Reading