April 2012 E-Book Challenge: Brainstorming, Organizing and Outlining

And the first week of the 4 Week Write Your Own E-Book Challenge begins… Are your ready? Writing an e-book can be a challenging and time consuming task if it is not planned out accordingly. However, by setting a schedule and buckling down, you will be able to write an Continue Reading

Writing While on Vacation

I recently took a mini vacation from my job at The Inn to visit my daughter and her boyfriend for her birthday. It was an enjoyable visit, and I got much accomplished for the writing business. The bus ride from Bangor to Caribou, then from Caribou to Old Town on Continue Reading

Update on the Laptop and Whatnot

The laptop has been sent in to be serviced (the shift keys malfunctioned). I can expect it back by the end of this week, beginning of next. Can’t wait. Once in a while I have online access so I can update a few things and submit an article or two. Continue Reading