Freelancers Working for No Pay

While I generally believe that working for no pay is simply not the way to go, there are times when it can be helpful. I know, I know… freelancers who are starting out need all the income they can get. Why would they work for free? There are valid reasons Continue Reading

Another Update to How to Live the Freelance Life

I have been adding things to the site here and there. A couple of days ago I shared a link to A Troll Tale: A Story from the World of Carthage written by Sheila Buck and Katie Hamilton from over at the Creative Carthage blog. Today I would like to Continue Reading

Introducing: Sheila Buck from the Creative Carthage Blog

My name is Sheila Buck. I live in Greenbush, Maine with my two teen-aged sons. We have two dogs and two cats. I love living in the country because it is quiet.   I have a bachelor’s degree in Clinical Psychology. I have been unable to find a career in Continue Reading

A Troll Tale: A Story from the World of Carthage

A Troll Tale: A Story from the World of Carthage. This short story was written by my sisters, Sheila Buck and Katie Hamilton. I proofread and enjoyed the story very much, even though I do not generally read in this genre. This tale is available on for the Kindle, Continue Reading