This Year Will be a Year Of…

courage. I’ll be doing what it takes in business, and in life, whether I think I’m capable of doing so or not. I’ll be having faith in myself and my abilities. I’ll be brave; have inner strength. I will not worry about failure. I’ll just do the stuff I want Continue Reading

Last Year was a Year of…

For me, last year was one of simplification. I simplified processes, winnowed out unnecessary belongings and steps, and tried to live more in the moment. It was also a year of revelations and reevaluation, learning more about myself and what I want in my life. What is important, and what Continue Reading

Theme Word for 2016: Courage

My theme word for 2013 was Prepare, and I chose a theme phrase for 2014 – Be Creative. Both worked well for me, as did my word for 2015. I had chosen Simplify, and had much success in pulling it off. I found myself having difficulty figuring out what my Continue Reading