Careers for Freelancers (eBook)

Interested in building a career from the comfort of your own home? Or expanding on the career you’ve already created? Written with you in mind, this edited and updated 2nd edition of Careers for Freelancers has more ideas for you, updated explanations, and estimations on how much can be made Continue Reading

Green Your Freelance Business (eBook)

Green Your Freelance Business is a helpful book for the freelancer or anyone with an office. Discover many ways to green your business activities as well as your office. If you haven’t jumped on the bandwagon yet, or if you’re looking for more greening tips, this is the eBook for Continue Reading

Give Your Business a Gift

Hi all! So far this year I’ve given my business a couple of gifts. A new tablet because the old one no longer has sound. Not sure why, but my brother-in-law is benefiting from this tragedy with a tablet he can use as a back up or to take apart Continue Reading

Published! Organize Your Space and Stuff

Wow! It has been such a crazy, busy year so far. And it is only February 7th. Now, with four stories published and this book, I’m feeling incredibly accomplished. All the work that kept me up late nights last year is paying off in the form of these five eBooks Continue Reading

5 Ways to Grow Your Blog

  Growing your blog is easy, and really does not have to take large blocks of time. If you already have your ideas set to paper, in the form of titles and/or notes, you can get started right away.   How do you start?   By setting aside 30 minutes Continue Reading

What do You Write?

  This question might mean different things to different people. For instance, some may answer fiction, while other will answer non fiction. Some of you may even answer poetry.   The question also begs answers such as eBooks, eCourses and Special Reports. Scripts is another fine answer.   There are Continue Reading

Year 4 Non Fiction Goals

My non fiction goals for Year 4 are mostly concentrated around this blog. I have important eBooks, mini Ebooks, eCourses and Special Reports that I want to provide all of you, besides the ones that you can already find in the sidebar. I am very excited to get these written Continue Reading

Year 3 Wrap Up

Wow. This past year brought many accomplishments. I am pretty pleased by this. I worked hard, even though I have had to work around not having home internet, and around working a ‘day job’. The list is a good one 🙂 I created new blogs. I expanded on and updated Continue Reading

April 2012 E-Book Challenge: Continue Writing

And the third week of the 4 Week Write Your Own E-Book Challenge begins… Are your ready for yet another productive week? Remember: Productivity is key. Here we are, at the top of the third week of the Write Your Own E-Book Challenge. Are you happy with your progress last Continue Reading

Ebook Photography

Every so often I am able to get out and snap some photographs of nature scenes near where I live. I love nature photography and would like to use some of the photographs that I am taking in my eBooks of short stories, such as Tales from the Mountain and Continue Reading