Why I Wrote for

While my main goal is to be earning a full living from my writing at some point, money is not the only reason I write. I also write to help others. By getting information out to people who may need it, I feel like I’m contributing to a greater good. Continue Reading

Write Now, Publish Later

This article was originally posted to the blog on January 13, 2013. It has been updated and was added to the content of my recent eBook, Organize Your Space and Stuff. All of the pre-2015 organizational articles, with the exception of What is Your Theme Word? Mine is Prepare were Continue Reading

Article Promotion Using Your Own Blogs

I own the Frugal Recipes: Spending Less to Eat Healthy blog, where I post articles, recipes and cooking tips for those looking to budget their food dollars. I also write three channels for Bangor Easy Meals is one channel, and I write Bangor Frugal Living and Bangor Single Moms Continue Reading

Cemetery Writing

Twice recently, I found myself in the cemetery up the road with my laptop, notebook and pen. The first time I visited, I worked on a story that will be included in Tales from the Woods. The second, I was writing articles for . On both occasions, I was Continue Reading

New Writing Opportunities + an Old One

I have decided to write some for I was just accepted with a 4 rating, but plan to be a 5 rating before long. The difference is in the pay. A 5 rating will net me $25.00 per 500 word article. *** I am also the new Bangor Easy Continue Reading