Are You Meeting Your Goals?

As I sit at my desk sipping chamomile tea, a Caribbean spice scented candle burning behind me, and the movie Wild Hogs playing in the background, I am wondering how many of you are meeting your goals for the year. Linda Formichelli is publishing her book How to Do It Continue Reading

Take the Time to Brain Storm

Sometimes, the mood to write is just not there. For me, lately, the only writing that is worth doing if fiction. So I have not been writing much of anything else. This is a good thing, though, because I don’t always take the time to write the stories. So, I Continue Reading

May Starts Year 4

May 2012 starts year 4 of How to live the freelance life. As you can see, I have deleted all posts except those from the recent Write Your Own eBook Challenge, which can be completed any time. These posts will remain on the site through at least, April 2013. This Continue Reading

Freelancers Working for No Pay

While I generally believe that working for no pay is simply not the way to go, there are times when it can be helpful. I know, I know… freelancers who are starting out need all the income they can get. Why would they work for free? There are valid reasons Continue Reading

Freelance Writers: Do You Have Other Goals?

I know. I know. Isn’t enough to just have freelance goals? Yes, it is. I am wondering if anyone else has other goals for their future as well. I do. Photography I love nature photography, and would like to build a career around this on top of my freelance writing. Continue Reading

Are You A Fit Freelancer?

Do you consider yourself fit? As a freelance writer, I spend an extreme amount of time sitting in front of my computer, typing away to earn the money necessary to live off. During good weather – spring to fall – I walk anywhere from 2 to 9 miles per day, Continue Reading