Organize Your Space and Stuff (eBook)

Organize Your Space and Stuff is a compilation of many articles from How to Live the Freelance Life. Each article has been expanded on for this book, with updates on how things have changed, and action steps to guide you in setting up and keeping up with your office or Continue Reading

Give Your Business a New Year Gift

Are you thinking about ways to expand on your business this year? Or maybe you want your family to be involved in your business efforts? Consider getting your business a gift this year. After all, who knows what your business really needs better than you. I’ve given my business a Continue Reading

What is Your Freelance Business Routine?

Most people have some sort of routine, even if it is just having a coffee each morning before heading into the home office to work. Having a routine that works for you, one that allows you to accomplish everything necessary throughout each work day, is important to the success of Continue Reading