Shannon L. Buck, Fiction Author

I managed to get the author blog done for my fiction writing, though I am still working on the one for my non fiction works. The satisfaction of finishing a blog and publishing it to the web is always great. This blog will document my progress as a fiction writer Continue Reading

Update on the Laptop and Whatnot

The laptop has been sent in to be serviced (the shift keys malfunctioned). I can expect it back by the end of this week, beginning of next. Can’t wait. Once in a while I have online access so I can update a few things and submit an article or two. Continue Reading

Using Revenue Share Sites to Lead People to Your Site

The use of revenue sites is a way in which you can market/promote yourself and your web site. Do this not necessarily by linking to your site in the article itself, but by using your name and a link to your site in the bio. If you cannot do this Continue Reading

Get the Word out About You: Business Cards

Do freelance writers need a business card? They do if they want to get the word out about their writing business. Even if you work solely online, a card will come in handy. It will point people to you when they need your services or when they have questions, and Continue Reading