Getting Organized using a Weekly Planner

During 2013 and 2014, I used a typical weekly planner to organize all I wanted to do with my writing ventures. At the beginning of each months section, there was a two page spread for the monthly calendar, then each week had its own two page spread. There were pages Continue Reading

Do You Have A Theme Word for 2015? I Do.

In 2013, I noticed a post written by Christine. Located on her blog, it was titled Refine: My Theme Word for 2013.  This single post had an impact on me, and I decided to create a theme word of my own. Recently Christine wrote Continuing the Tradition: My Word for Continue Reading

Scheduling Time for Research

Embed from Getty Images For the freelance writer, there will be plenty of research along the journey. It is expected. We can’t each know everything, after all. At some point, we are going to have to start researching new topics, new places. Finding the time to do this research is Continue Reading

Organizing the Mess!

After years of writing I decided to overhaul my entire file/office supply system. On top of the writing files, I found while doing this that I still had some homeschool papers that I did not need – as well as some that are necessary – and that I had to Continue Reading