5 Ways For Freelancers To Enjoy Autumn While Staying Productive

I don’t know about you, but if I work inside too much during the autumn months I find myself staring out the window at the pretty scenery, daydreaming rather than writing, far too often. Numerous times a day even. I feel like I just need to be out there, rather Continue Reading

April 2012 E-Book Challenge: First Weekly Follow Up

How are you doing with your first week of tasks for the 4 Week Write Your Own E-Book Challenge? It can be both fun and time consuming, I know. It may also make you nervous. Don’t worry about that, though. You are doing just fine. Have you finished your beginning Continue Reading

Writing While Working

Some of my weeks are 4-day weeks at The Inn now, rather than 5. Hopefully this will mean more time for writing and more trips to the library to use their wireless. I hope so 🙂 With an extra day at the library, I will be able to accomplish far Continue Reading


What is your prewriting style? Or do you even do prewriting?  My prewriting habits vary: I sometimes make bulleted lists. Usually when writing articles. This allows me to simply glance at the list when writing the article, providing me with a reminder of each article point. Quick outlines are used Continue Reading