Ebook Photography

Every so often I am able to get out and snap some photographs of nature scenes near where I live. I love nature photography and would like to use some of the photographs that I am taking in my eBooks of short stories, such as Tales from the Mountain and Continue Reading

5 Ideas for Your Freelance Photography Career

A freelance photography business is a creative one that allows you to express what you are feeling/seeing when you view something. Catching these images on film, in a flattering or interesting way, is an art form and much money can be earned. Once in a while it is fun and Continue Reading

Using Your Own Photography

It is my goal to begin using some of my own photographs on my blogs, as well as within eBooks and other writings. I am also working on getting some shots for a couple of book covers. For me, the main thing is to let people know that the photographs Continue Reading

What is the Freelance Life?

The freelance life is different for each freelancer. She may be a freelance writer, or a freelance photographer. She may choose to write for content sites, or for magazines. And perhaps she writes fiction as well. I am combining a number of things in my freelance career. From blogging to Continue Reading