Avoid Perfectionism

Or, don’t go overboard with it. No one is perfect. Some people obsess over every little thing when creating a blog, keeping up with facebook and other social networks, and writing. They will go over content again and again before posting or submitting it. They will change the positions of Continue Reading

Writing Ahead

Work at The Inn takes a downturn during the winter months, but picks back up in the spring. While work is slow, I would like to get ahead on my writing by writing and scheduling a lot of what I will need to do through next fall. With my blogs, Continue Reading

A Freelance Schedule, of Sorts

I do not have one set schedule that I follow on a regular basis. My business activities are based on the weather, actually. This is because: I do not drive. I do not have internet at home right now. I walk to Old Town to use wireless each day, weather Continue Reading