Fun Personal Projects for Writers: Easy Desk Decorations for Winter

We can be creative in more than one way. Why not let our creativity shine through by crafting and doing things other than writing. Continue Reading

Fun Personal Projects for Writers: Your Dream Article

 You know, the one about world peace, hunger in America, homelessness, how the government and society are failing welfare recipients by not fully preparing them to succeed in life, or whatever you might find important. What you feel strongly about, be it controversial or not. This is about your dream Continue Reading

Do You Have A Theme Word for 2015? I Do.

In 2013, I noticed a post written by Christine. Located on her blog, it was titled Refine: My Theme Word for 2013.  This single post had an impact on me, and I decided to create a theme word of my own. Recently Christine wrote Continuing the Tradition: My Word for Continue Reading