What does the New Year Symbolize?

I scheduled this article for earlier in the month, but I wanted to think about the subject a bit more before writing. To think about what this year really means for me, and what it might mean for others. You learn things over time. Like, what is truly important to Continue Reading

Happy New Year! Updates for You

It is a new year. A time for rejuvenation, a time for moving forward and realizing goals. Happy New Year to each of you. May your year be energized with creativity and success! The Freelance eBook Wow. I had no idea getting this manuscript ready to be published would take Continue Reading

Book Review: 2015 Guide to Self-Publishing, Revised Edition, The Most Comprehensive Guide to Self-Publishing

Each year, with income taxes, I do something that has the potential to help me further my writing. This year I bought a book. Not just any book, but one on self-publishing. Why? Because I am going to be publishing a series of four short stories, hopefully by the end Continue Reading

Helium Publishing 360 no Longer Publishing Articles, Deadline to Claim Your Money and Articles

The Helium Publishing 360 sites have announced that: They are no longer publishing articles. The site is up for read-only purposes until December 15, 2014. You will want to claim your payments as soon as you can. You can still accrue money so you might meet the minimum threshold. And, Continue Reading

A Review of My 2013 Writing Goals

  Did I meet all my 2013 writing goals? No, but I did put a good effort in. Especially considering my attention issues. One minute I am minding my own business working diligently on a project, the next my mind gets fixated on another project I want to start and Continue Reading

Goals Update 2013

  Well, sometimes we all switch gears part way through the year. Different things seem important to us after a while. Here is my goals list from January, with notes.   Perform 1 last edit on the first book of short stories. I hate apostrophes! (Well I managed to do Continue Reading

Year 4 Non Fiction Goals

My non fiction goals for Year 4 are mostly concentrated around this blog. I have important eBooks, mini Ebooks, eCourses and Special Reports that I want to provide all of you, besides the ones that you can already find in the sidebar. I am very excited to get these written Continue Reading

Year 3 Wrap Up

Wow. This past year brought many accomplishments. I am pretty pleased by this. I worked hard, even though I have had to work around not having home internet, and around working a ‘day job’. The list is a good one 🙂 I created new blogs. I expanded on and updated Continue Reading

April 2012 E-Book Challenge: Editing and Publishing

And the fourth and final week of the 4 Week Write Your Own E-Book Challenge begins… Are your ready for yet another productive week? Remember: Productivity is key. You have come a long way in this challenge, and you will finish up by the end of the weekend. How do Continue Reading

Easy Ebooks?

I read a lot, online and off. Print and otherwise. I have read many ebooks, which have led me to writing this post. Not all ebooks are the same. Some are, thankfully, very well written. Some are not. When I say “not well written”, I mean that the grammar, punctuation Continue Reading