Multiple Streams of Income (And a Goal Met!)

I’ve read it is important to have multiple streams of income. I’m seeing the value in this more and more, as time goes by. It used to be easier for me to just concentrate on one thing at a time, either fiction or nonfiction goals, but I am learning how Continue Reading

What Does this Freelancer do Outside the Office?

We all know each other as freelancers, but there is so more to us. We have families, friends, lives, and some of us even work outside the home. We have other things we do. Things that make up who we are as a whole. Who are you? I am: An author Continue Reading

I Have A Secret

  We all have at least one, right? A secret. We don’t share it with anyone. Or maybe we share the secret with a select few. I am going to share a secret with you. I sometimes have no motivation write. No motivation to do so at all. Why? For Continue Reading

The Broken Links Have Been Fixed

While doing routine maintenance on the blogs this morning, I noticed that I had some broken links in the short stories part of the sidebar. All I can think is that Y! Contributor Network decided to change the URLs but not to contact me about it. The troublesome links have Continue Reading

Thoughts on Serials

  I am working on the last edit of my first book of short stories, and I am considering splitting the book into serials. Tales from the Mountain has three sections, two of which could be turned into serials with three parts. It would not be difficult to pull off. Continue Reading

Autumn Writing Ideas for Fiction/Poetry Writers

There is still plenty of time for the fiction writer to create autumn themed stories and poems. Whether your finished project will be 1 page, 10 pages, or 300 pages, you can start now. You may even wish to write a novel in a month with NaNoWriMo. Here are some Continue Reading

Goals Update 2013

  Well, sometimes we all switch gears part way through the year. Different things seem important to us after a while. Here is my goals list from January, with notes.   Perform 1 last edit on the first book of short stories. I hate apostrophes! (Well I managed to do Continue Reading

Editing, Editing, and More Editing

I spent a couple of months doing some editing for my sisters, which has cut into my own writing and editing time. It is good, however, to take a break from your own projects once in a while, and to work on something else.   I did get a chance Continue Reading

Dead People

I have been busily doing some short story writing, and loving it. Dead People is one of my recent ones. The inspiration came on the first morning of the most recent time change, when I boarded the bus to go to work. People apparently did not sleep enough the night Continue Reading

Year 4 Fiction Goals

Year 4 Fiction Goals To recap, I published a few short stories in 2011. I was very excited about this. Each of these stories will be published in one of three books of short stories, though each book will have many more stories as well. The stories can be found Continue Reading