Spring Desk Decor

Writing and other freelance jobs are not just about the work. You have to be comfortable in the space where you do the work. I accomplish this, in part, by ‘decorating’ my desk. This is what I came up with for spring: Continue Reading

Writing Ahead

Work at The Inn takes a downturn during the winter months, but picks back up in the spring. While work is slow, I would like to get ahead on my writing by writing and scheduling a lot of what I will need to do through next fall. With my blogs, Continue Reading

A Freelancer’s Window Garden

With the groundhog telling is that spring will be early, our thoughts may be  turning to gardening at this point. I know, it will still be some time before we get to go out into the yard and plant, but we are able to enjoy the act of gardening now if we choose. How? Continue Reading

Freelancer’s: Take Your Office Outside

My favorite place to work is the park.  I love working by the river, and watching the children play. I am always more productive when I am there. Though I do not have a laptop at this point, I find plenty to do while I am working away from home. Continue Reading