Still Plugging Away and Other Updates

Getting work done on the manuscript I am writing for this blog. Hoping to have the writing part done in the next few weeks, then spend the rest of next month editing and coming up with a cover. It is coming along nicely, with lots of new information and plenty Continue Reading

A Rough Start

I have been trying to keep up with all of the posting while moving, setting up a new office and getting settled into a new area. It has all been only a little stressful, and there have been some snags: Fae. My baby. The cat was fine the first day Continue Reading

Preparing the Blog

Today I am preparing this blog for Year 3. You will notice a slight difference in the tag line, as well as a few new ways to find me online if you look at the links. All of the Year 2 posts have been eliminated from the blog, but will Continue Reading