Now That It’s Getting Colder…

If you read my posts Take Your Business Outside This Fall and Benefits of Working Outside, you know that I don’t really like being stuck inside working on nice days. I want to be inside more and more, where it is warm and cozy, and still spend some time outside Continue Reading

Writing While Working

Some of my weeks are 4-day weeks at The Inn now, rather than 5. Hopefully this will mean more time for writing and more trips to the library to use their wireless. I hope so 🙂 With an extra day at the library, I will be able to accomplish far Continue Reading

Why I Love to Work at the Park

There are many places a freelancer might choose to work. From home. At the beach. In a cafe. My all time favorite place to set up my laptop, journal or write stories is at the park. Specifically, the Riverfront Park in Old Town, Maine. It is a truly beautiful place. Continue Reading