The Broken Links Have Been Fixed


Woods (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

While doing routine maintenance on the blogs this morning, I noticed that I had some broken links in the short stories part of the sidebar. All I can think is that Y! Contributor Network decided to change the URLs but not to contact me about it.

The troublesome links have been fixed, and I am going to be fixing them on the fiction blogs as well.

If you publish through Y!, you may want to check your links to be sure they are working. The new links are as follows:

“Be Careful of Those Woods” Grandpa always said, “Be careful of those woods.” We didn’t know why. We were pretty much convinced that he was just trying to scare us. He may have also been a little crazy. Why should we have to be careful of those woods? ~ Tales from the Mountain by Shannon L. Buck

A Trip to the Outhouse We are up to camp again. My parents, aunts, uncles and even our grandparents are up late playing cards and being loud. Nana and Pa have a camp just down the little dirt road. You would think that we would be able to feel safe with all of these adults around. You would be wrong. ~ Tales from the Woods by Shannon L. Buck

Alone I wake up in the hospital to find that I have only a few weeks to live, at most. What a scary thing to wake up to. My body seems to be attacking itself with some disease, but the doctors’ don’t know what it is or how to help. What do I do? ~ Tales from the Woods by Shannon L. Buck

Serenita¬† We couldn’t live with the wars any longer. The violent acts of our home, Earth, were proving to be too much for us. We were not happy, and we were always fearful for ourselves and our children. The schools were not safe, the stores were not safe. It wasn’t even safe for our children to play outside on our own lawns. There was now place to hide, so we knew that we had to leave. But how? Where would we go? ~ Shannon L. Buck, Fiction Author

The Woods My mother never liked the woods. She filled our heads with all kinds of scary tales about the woods, in hopes that we would never go into them. Of course, she didn’t tell us these things when we were little. That would have been wrong. Nope. She told each of us when we were eight. Old enough to play outside without her. ~ Tales from the Woods by Shannon L. Buck

Sorry about any inconvenience.

Shannon L. Buck


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