Think About Your Freelance Goals, Past and Future

I prefer not to use the term resolutions, using instead goals. As freelancers, we have businesses that require at least minimal planning each year. Most of us go far and beyond minimal 😉

It is time to begin thinking about the goals for our businesses. We need to consider financial and project goals, among others.

For the next few days, simply let your mind think about this task. Don’t worry about getting it down on paper at this point. Simply think about the goals you want to accomplish in 2012.

On the 1st, I will post about what to do with these thoughts.

It is also a good idea to look over your goals for 2011. What did you accomplish? What will hold over until 2012? (Add these to next years goals!) What no longer seems necessary?

Be proud and thankful for all that you have accomplished. Give yourself a pat on t

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he back. You deserve it. You have worked hard, and it is all paying off.

This will be the last post of 2012, except for the ad post on Saturday. Enjoy your New Years’ Eve celebration.

Shannon L. Buck

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