Top 10 Ways to Get Things Done

Top 10 Ways to Get Things Done by Shannon L. Buck

Photograph copyright Shannon L. Buck, September 2016.

I have a confession to make. I’m not always the most organized person, though I am trying to get better at all the organizational stuff. It takes time, through trial and error, for some of us to pull of organized, and I’m learning new things each year.

I’ve spent a lot of time simplifying, which has been a great help.

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  1. I keep a journal of writing ideas, separated into sections with sticky tabs. One section for each writing platform.
  2. I keep a writing prompts journal for fiction, and recently went through them organizing certain prompts by story series I want to write. Each series has its own folder.
  3. I have meetings with myself. I keep a sturdy notebook for note-taking, and this helps me to stay on track. I usually have these meetings with myself at Aroma Joe’s, as a treat for all I have accomplished.
  4. I take unnecessary items, like papers, folders, and notepads, off my desk before starting work. Less clutter is better for concentration.
  5. I use to organize different projects. I have an app on my phone that is easily accessible, for adding and deleting items.
  6. My back pack has an area for my laptop and folders, with a pocket for pens and other little necessities and another for notepads and post-its. I use it as my portable office.
  7. I bought a desk with the income tax refund for last year. It has shelves and drawers that keep most of what I need organized.
  8. Another sturdy notebook, sectioned off and labeled with sticky tabs, serves as my note center for information such as general marketing, product ideas, and self-publishing. This helps me to keep hundreds of little notes organized. I now have far less sticky notes and scraps of paper cluttering my desk now, stands, and other areas.
  9. I utilize folders in My Documents to organize digital files. This, for example, helps me to keep the files for an ebook, book cover, marketing plan, etc., all in one place.
  10. I have another journal for names. This journal is sectioned off with the labels Female, Male, and Surnames. These are the names I have come across and want to use in stories.

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