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Whether your freelance career provides you with a lot of physical activity or uses mostly brain power, you will find yourself needing to take a break at different points in your career. I suggest at least three vacations (or mini vacations) per year.


Physical activity takes a lot out of you, as does mental activity. Both of these can lead to stress and fatigue. As a freelance writer, I use a lot of brain power. Sometimes I feel as though I may burn out. When I start to feel this way, I take a break. If I have any paid projects that need to be finished, I finish them before I take my break.

A one or two week vacation seems like a great idea, but I have difficulty not performing writing tasks. Or at least some other business tasks. I tend to take more mini vacations. Usually one every month or two.

Doing so allows my brain to rest and recharge. When I get back to the writing business, my mind is clear and I am better able to concentrate on tasks in an organized manner, and with gust.

Schedule your vacations.

Scheduling a full vacation every three or four months, or a mini vacations every month or two, will be helpful. Doing this now, and marking your calendar, will provide you with a guide indicating when you should not schedule paid projects from clients.

  • A full vacation amounts to 1 or 2 weeks of free time.

  • A mini vacation can be anywhere from 2 to 4 days long.

Schedule your vacations now, taking into consideration important events you would like to attend, and times when your family will also take time off from school/work.

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