What does the New Year Symbolize?

Photography by Shannon L. Buck copyright 2015I scheduled this article for earlier in the month, but I wanted to think about the subject a bit more before writing. To think about what this year really means for me, and what it might mean for others.

You learn things over time. Like, what is truly important to you. Like, you need a break sometimes. Like, your own projects are as important as the work you do for others.

After time spent thinking about how things went last year, and then rethinking my long-term goals, I finally decided on some goals for this year, my word of the year (courage), and some ways I might reward myself when I meet certain goals.

And then I realized what this year means for me. What it symbolizes?

It symbolizes a time to finish up old projects.

This is the year to start publishing the fiction I’ve been writing in earnest. I don’t hold out any real hope of publishing every single story this year, but I can start knocking some of them off my list. I’ve already begun publishing the #CampSeries, putting out Rascal, A Trip to the Outhouse, and Auntie’s Boyfriend on Amazon.com. Besides publishing, I set myself up on Goodreads.com, updated my Authorsden.com profile, and did a number of things to promote these stories. It has been a busy January for sure! But in such a good way.

Thankfully, the editing was done (for the most part) last year for these stories. This meant I was able to get everything out quickly.

The fourth and final story in the series mentioned above, Hidden Camp, will be published in just a couple of days. Then I’ll work in more promotional time.

I have things I’ve written in the past that I’m planning to re-edit and updates this year. Somewhat of a large undertaking, for sure, but the effort put forth will be worth it in the end.

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Then there is the eBook I’ve been working on for this blog. A Long time coming, it is completely edited and ready for publishing and will be available a few days after Hidden Camp. I’m so excited to share Organizing Your Space and Stuff with you. A culmination of articles I’ll be taking off the blog, but still wanted you to enjoy. With lots of added content:

  • Edits for easier flow.
  • An update on each article.
  • Action steps for each article.
  • A bonus section with three projects for you to enjoy.

It symbolizes a time to start some new projects. Try new things.

And this year I’m ready. I have some epic articles planned, with worksheets for you to use when making plans for different things. I’ll start posting them soon.

And, I’m starting a series of eGuides for you. I don’t expect to finish all the eGuides this year, but I want to start getting them out to you. Most likely during the second half of the year. There will be more epic articles for the blog, that will give you a taste for what is in each eGuide. I’ll keep you updated on these as the year progresses.

I also have some new ideas for stories I’ll be writing this year. Will they be published? I’m not sure, but I have the ones I’m editing that will be.

For my personal projects, I think that is a huge amount of stuff. And I can’t wait to see how it all unfolds. I have some rewards planned for myself, after achieving certain goals.

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It is a time for caring for me.

Taking care of ourselves is important. Pushing too hard is not a good thing. Click To Tweet

Along with those rewards I’ll be giving myself for all the hard work, I’ll also be doing other things for me. A have already scheduled a few personal retreats for myself throughout the year. There will also be a fair amount of pampering going on. At least three mornings a week I have a routine that aids me in my self-care efforts.

These efforts mean I am under less stress, and that I'm more motivated to get things done. Click To Tweet

My Routine for those Three Days

  • Wake up naturally. No alarm clocks! Stay in bed a few minutes, thinking about the day ahead. No stressful thoughts! Only positive ones.
  • Make my bed, get my water ready for my workout, grab the yoga mat, and put on my workout clothes.
  • Stretch. Yoga. Other exercises.
  • Relax. Journal. Have tea.
  • Read, and have another cup of tea.

Then I begin my day.

Another thing I’ve been allowing myself to do once or twice a week is to work at the cafe up the road. I pack up what I want to work on for a couple of hours, and head out, sitting at a table or at the booth near the window. I have a couple of mint tea’s (nothing added) and maybe an oatmeal while I’m there. I find that I can concentrate better with the talk from the other patrons and the sounds of the machines. Even when at home, I concentrate better when writing with the television on for background noise.

I also walk at least two times a week, and I try to eat a mostly Paleo diet. So my body, my health, is taking priority this year.

What does this year symbolize for you? Are you making big changes? Small ones? Professional? Personal? We need to take care of our personal needs and wishes if we want to be truly successful. Please comment below or email me personally at shannonlbuck@gmail.com with what you are doing and why. I always read and answer, and enjoy hearing from those who do.

Shannon L. Buck

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