What I Want in a Laptop


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I have not yet found the perfect laptop for me, though I suppose it could be out there. I hope so đŸ™‚ I want one that works for me, for what I want to do.

 There are things that I do not need, that can be left out of the package and replaced with what I do need. For instance:

  • I only need 3 of the basic games: Solitaire, FreeCell and Mahjong. However, I would like to add Tetris and Super Mario Brothers,

  • The multiple music and photo programs. Just give me one of each. The best one.

 There are, of course, specific things that I DO want.

  • A longer battery life. Yup. 7 or more hours. Or, each laptop can automatically come with 3 or 4 batteries. However they want to do it. A self-charging battery would be the best… one that does not have to be plugged into an outlet to charge.

  • One writing program (rather than various ones) that is convertible to any. OpenOffice is an example, and a good one to start.

  • Plenty of memory/storage for photos and writings, as well as videos and audio recordings, WITHOUT slowing down the laptop/online experience.

  • Built in MiFi.

 Shannon L. Buck

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Hello. My name is Shannon, and I'm a single mother of two young adult daughters, and Memay to one precious Little Man. I work as a writer from my home in Orono, Maine, and as a Front Desk Agent at an inn. Writing is my life, second only to my daughters. I enjoy writing nonfiction, as well as fiction in a number of genres. At some point, I would like to travel. It would be a true writing adventure.