What is Your Theme for 2014

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Last year I used the theme word Prepare. I wanted to be sure that I was prepared for the busy season at work, by scheduling tasks, posts and articles to be posted during that time after writing everything ahead of time.

While things did not happen perfectly, they did happen. I am impressed with how much I got done, and how smoothly things went when I was too busy at the hotel to get to the writing.

This year I am using a theme phrase.

Be Creative

Sometimes while I am busy freelance writing, I forget that what I truly enjoy most is act of creating stories. I love to write fiction!

This year, I want to spend an equal amount of time writing stories and blogging, etc., and I want to get my first book of short stories published.

I have all these notes for short stories that are just sitting in a notebook, waiting for me to get creative and write them all. While there is no way I can write all those stories in one year, I can get at least a few done.

What is your theme for the year? Why have you chosen that theme? Share with us in the comments, or email me at shannonlbuck@gmail.com.

How might you decide what your theme should be? Try taking a look at your goals for 2014. Doing so may aid you in finding a good theme. Write your theme word or phrase on a post-it note to hang in a prominent location, where it will be seen on a regular basis as a reminder for what you should be concentrating on in 2014.

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