Why I Love to Work at the Library

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Libraries are not what they used to be. That’s for sure. When everyone was shushed if they talked over a whisper, and sometimes for whispering. Things have changed.

You are now allowed to use regular voices in the library. Children, in fact, often get a bit louder. Being in the library is like being in any other public place, except people do not go around shouting.

The good thing about this is that, when I work at the Old Town Public Library, I get background noise. Even the librarians are talking in normal voices, rather than hushed. Small children come through with Cindy, to learn about the library or a new book. The noise is not unsettling at all.

There are benefits to working at the library. Ones that make the noise worthwhile, at least for me.

  • The background noise helps me to concentrate.

  • There is air conditioning, so on the hottest of days I can relax and work under manageable conditions. This is a big plus for me on these days, because my asthma kicks in something fierce when the air is that heavy.

  • There are sofas and comfortable chairs, as well as tables to sit at.

  • I can take my shoes off when sitting on a sofa, until I need to get up for something.

  • Once in a while I will chat with someone.

  • I get to watch the small children play and have fun.

  • If I can’t find a resource for needed information, there is someone there who can help me.

  • If there is an issue with my laptop, there is often someone who can help with that as well. I am not exactly technologically inclined enough to be able to fix seemingly simple things 😀

  • There is a sense of community at the library that I don’t get elsewhere.

  • I can leave my laptop open and turned on, and my tote bag with notes and snacks, on the sofa or a table while I use the ladies room or look for a resource.

The library is still a great place to work as long as you don’t mind the chattering going on around you.

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