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Organize Your Space and StuffThis article was originally posted to the blog on January 13, 2013. It has been updated and was added to the content of my recent eBook, Organize Your Space and Stuff. All of the pre-2015 organizational articles, with the exception of What is Your Theme Word? Mine is Prepare were deleted from here, then updated and put into the eBook.

Here is the updated version:

My schedule is a hectic one. I don’t have the opportunity to write every day, but I want to start keeping somewhat of a schedule for my blogs and Examiner.com channels. Doing so will allow me to stay on track, and give my readers for each venue something to look forward to.

Each blog and channel allows me to write posts or articles and schedule them to publish on a specific date. By using these features I’m able to get as far ahead as I want with my writing, and have everything scheduled to post when I want. I’ll be utilizing this feature much more this year than in previous years.

During the busy season at the inn, I don’t have enough time to write regularly. In November (NaNoWriMo month!), I do not have time to blog much at all, and certainly no time to write articles.

By using this type of feature, I can keep everyone reading by doing all my work during the off season and scheduling it for later.

This means that, for the next two or three months, I’m working triple time: At the inn, writing current posts and articles, as well as doing marketing tasks, and writing for the on season.

Let’s see how it all works out for me.

How do you handle busy times?

July 2015:

It is possible to get all blog posts for a two week period written in just one day, scheduling each to publish on the desired days. If you write a few posts or articles each time you have a chance, you will be ahead of the game in no time. Simply write the post, edit, add a photo, and set the schedule.

If your blog is set up to do so, each post or article will also automatically post to specific social and professional networking sites. All you have to do is respond to comments.


  1. Write and edit a blog post, adding an image and whatever else you like.

  2. Schedule the post for a specific day, as well as a specific time if you have that option.

  3. If you have a day or two a week to set aside for writing blog posts, go ahead and do your best work creating a variety of posts and schedule them to publish every other day or so over the course of a couple of weeks.

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