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I am thinking about approaching a few different magazines about writing for them. When I do, it will be the first time I have approached anyone that was not a content mill or other such entity that required an application.

Last night I finished my first ever proposal letter for a certain niche market, and I have four publications that I will be able to send it to. I will submit to one publication at a time. Wish me luck on this!

I am considering other publications as well, in different niches. Honestly, I get bored far too easily if I stick to writing on only one topic. I wonder what experiences other writers had their first time approaching an online or offline magazine like this. I am nervous, but will not let that stand in my way. I did let my nervousness get in the way last year, but cannot expect to succeed in life if I continue with this practice.

Shannon L. Buck

About Shannon L. Buck

Hello. My name is Shannon, and I'm a single mother of two young adult daughters, and Memay to one precious Little Man. I work as a writer from my home in Orono, Maine, and as a Front Desk Agent at an inn. Writing is my life, second only to my daughters. I enjoy writing nonfiction, as well as fiction in a number of genres. At some point, I would like to travel. It would be a true writing adventure.

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