Yahoo! Contributor Network: Shutting Down

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Deutsch: Logo von Yahoo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I just made a post about Helium Publishing 360 closing down, and I also have news about Yahoo! Contributor Network. They, too, will discontinue their publishing through the venue. Yahoo has indicated that:

  • will shut down on July 31, 2014.
  • Final payments will be made to contributors on August 15, 2014, just before they close
  • Some content you may have provided may still be theirs, depending on your agreement with them.
  • Yahoo! may be contacting some writers with offers to keep some of their works.

To find out more, visit their FAQ page.

I have written a lot for them over the years, and will be claiming the articles that are still legally mine. I will do a quick edit of each, and decide what to do with the articles after.

I wonder how many writers each platform had, and am hoping that each of you will forward this information so everyone is aware of what is going on. While I did receive an article from Yahoo!, I did not see anything from Helium. Thankfully, my sister let me know about the other.

Be sure to head over and claim your articles, and to see what they might owe you.


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