Year 2: The Wrap-Up Post

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This post is meant as a wrap up for Year 2 of my freelance writing career. There will only be one more post for this year – – the financial wrap-up.

It has been a year with many ups and downs. I had a medical condition that prevented me from working as much as I wanted on the business, and had surgery plus a recovery period where I was unable to work at all for almost a month. I weathered it all just fine, though, and was back on track by September. Unfortunately, that left me with not enough time to catch up on all of the work I had missed.

Then, my computer started having some serious issues, and eventually wouldn’t work online at all. It was old and had served me well over the years. That really put a damper on getting caught up, but my awesome sister allowed me to use her laptop and the wireless connection at her home in order to do as much work as I could. I am ever grateful. Truly. Though I am not able to get quite as much done, at least I can get enough done to earn money every week.

All of this is okay, though.

I am getting back on track now, and working hard. Staying positive helps.

A new laptop will be purchased soon, so I will be able to be completely back on track soon enough. All is good.

Over the past year, I have managed to do a few things for my career, including:

  • Setting myself up with different online entities in order to earn revenue share on some articles over time. Y! Contributor Network, Suite 101, Triond and eHow are the entities that I am working with for this.
  • Build up my article base with eHow, Garden Guides and AnswerBag using Demand Media Studios, which is the bulk of my income at this point.
  • Learn to set attainable goals and realize them.
  • Set up social networking and bookmarking accounts for promotional purposes.
  • Started a Frugal Food column.
  • Studied travel writing – still working on this.
  • Studied marketing techniques – always learning more about this. This is not my strong point 🙁
  • Learned how to write a proposal for potential writing jobs.
  • Built up my blogs.
  • Came up with a financial plan, so I know how much I want to make at each stage of my career.

These are all good things, and I have more things to work on during Year 3.

I am pleased with my overall success career wise for Year 2, especially considering the roadblocks that stood in my way. I am pleased and, in fact, reassured considering all of this. And even more motivated to move into Year 3.

I hope, with all sincerity, that each of you are also realizing your goals, even if their have been stumbling blocks to overcome. Feel free to share your experiences whenever you like.

May first begins Year 3 of my career, as well as How to Live the Freelance Life. I hope you will all follow along, as it will be an interesting and educational year. This blog will switch easily from Year 2 to Year 3 during the last day of April and May 1st.

More content, eBooks, eCourses and such will be added over the course of the new year, as well as new features that will be helpful to all.

Thank you for reading the blog 😀

Happy writing!

Shannon L. Buck

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