Year 4 Fiction Goals

If you go down to the woods today...

If you go down to the woods today… (Photo credit: c@rljones)

Year 4 Fiction Goals

To recap, I published a few short stories in 2011. I was very excited about this. Each of these stories will be published in one of three books of short stories, though each book will have many more stories as well. The stories can be found at:

The Haunted Dinner Party

“Be Careful of Those Woods”



The Woman in the Woods

The Woods

One of these books is finished, barring a couple more edit runs, and I want to get it published during Year 4.

The second is about one-fourth complete, and I have my notes for stories that I want to add on it. This will take up the bulk of my fiction creativity this year :-), and I am excited to resume the project.

A third book of short stories will be worked on somewhat during Year 4, then (hopefully) finished in Year 5. This book includes stories outside my main genre, so is taking me more time than I originally thought. I am having fun with it, though.

Happy writing!!!!

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