Yoga Benefits for the Freelance Writer

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A freelancers career can be a stressful one at times, particularly if you are just starting out on this new path or you are facing strict deadlines for couple of projects. You may feel that you do not have the time or energy to exercise during these periods, but doing so is very important.

Yoga will be helpful. Some of the benefits of this activity are:

  • Fitness: It is common for freelancers to be sitting most of the day while working, so they are not as active as people in many other jobs. Yoga provides a viable activity to help you to stay fit. It also helps you to stretch the muscles of the body, which we are not all good at keeping up with every day.

  • Relaxation/Meditation: When using Yoga for the Rest of Us, put out by Peggy Cappy, the end of the video has a meditation/relaxation method that is very helpful in helping you to relax. Relaxation is important, especially when you have a high demand career.

  • Clear the Mind: When concentrating on yoga moves, you are clearing your mind. This may help to make room for more creative ideas for your business, or finally provide you with a solution to a business problem that you are facing.

  • Relieves Stress: An excellent use for Yoga, overstressed people find that they live less stressful lives when they do Yoga each morning. Business stress is like any other: Too much is not a good thing.

What benefits of doing Yoga have you noticed?

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