Your Freelance Business Goals for 2012

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I hope you all had a happy holiday season, and welcome to 2012. It is a new year, begging for new goals from each of us. What will yours be.

In checking my goals from last year, I was impressed to find that I have accomplished a lot in my freelance career. I also noticed that there were things that no longer seemed to apply for my business. And there are things that I never got around to working on – these are the base for my new list of goals.

Last week, I asked you to perform the same task with your 2011 goals list. Did you have the opportunity to do this?

It is now time to add your new goals. Keep your list to business goals. Personal goals can be done separately.

Open your word processor and start a new document. Type Business Goals: 2012 at the top of the page, centered, then add your list of goals for the year. Some categories you will want to consider are:

  • Financial
  • Projects
  • Places to Submit Work
  • Places You Want to Apply to Freelance For
  • Scheduling
  • Organizing

… and the list goes on, dependent on your freelance career.

Save your document, and print a copy to hang in or near your work area. You will be able to refer to this list any time you are in a slump, and mark off goals as they are met.

Feel free to share your goals for this year in the comments below. I will be sharing mine with you soon.

Shannon L. Buck

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